5 Tips to Hiring a DJ

Your friends had one, you may know one, everyone is one, and now who do you book?

If you’ve never had to hire a DJ, how do you even go about selecting one that will be reliable, professional, affordable and entertaining?

Pricing for DJ entertainment is one layer of many at your wedding. Below are 5 tips to booking a DJ to create a memorable event that will leave your guests raving for weeks, months, even years later.


  1. Communication.  With any vendor you are hiring, you can quickly get frustrated with unreturned phone calls and unanswered emails.  How quickly a DJ /DJ business owner responds back is a reflection of how they run their business. As most do not do this as their full time gig, they often have full time jobs and may work shiftwork. How patient are you? Remember, the experience starts with the first phone call and ends when your guests leave the dance floor.

  2. What is their back up plan for equipment and illness?  If a DJ uses high grade commercial equipment, then back up equipment on site is not necessary, but a backup plan is.  Ask them to explain their plan in the event there is equipment malfunction.  The same goes for illness.  A DJ can get into a car accident on the way to the venue, break a leg the day before and get an infectious illness.  If you are working with a DJ service, chances are high that they will have an available DJ to switch out at an instant.  If you are working with an independent DJ, what is their plan?

  3. Who else refers them? This is important as many high volume, reputable wedding venues, and event/décor planners have a list of go to DJ services that they work with regularly and would be happy to share with you their experiences.  Consistency is the key.

  4. Quality of sound: Don’t be fooled by the 500,000 music library! Did you know that at most weddings a DJ will have the opportunity to play between 60-80 song titles? Where does your DJ get their music from? Is it off of YouTube? downloaded music sharing sites?  Does it have profanity? What will grandma think?  A great DJ/DJ service will subscribe to a reputable music service provider and will often purchase from iTunes.  The quality of sound will not be compromised, and you will not be embarrassed.

  5. Get it in writing: a DJ/DJ Service that is reliable & professional will provide you with a written contract outlining the details from start/end time, lighting costs, what’s included, cancellation policy, payment process, client liability, etc.  Make sure to read it.


After a while websites may look similar, they can all play the same music, yet the experience for you and your guests can vary.  Do your homework, compare, and most of all, go with your gut. The DJ is part of your team and they all have your best interest in mind.

Ozzie Kipnes


Ozzie Kipnes

Co-Owner & Business Development Manager with an extensive background in the Tourism & Hospitality Industry. First hand experience in coordinating various events such as Corporate,Weddings,Bar Mitzvahs and Socials. Customer Service oriented and focused on building relationships, and especially interested in giving back to the community.