The Gem Guide Vendors:

Other vendors

Jenny Photography
Jen Steele Photography
Jill Lobley Photography
Jo+Bo Photography
Joanna Moss Photography
John Heil
Josh Bowie Photography
Julie Doro Photography
Juna Phtotography
Just For You Photography
Kathy Lui Photography
Katie Mills Photography
Ken Tan Photo
Kirill Bordon Photography
Kris Houweling Photography
Kristara May Photography
Kunioo Photo & Cinema
Lachlan and Emily Photography
Lara Eichhorn Photography
Le Beuf Studios
Life's Journey Photography
Life Studios Inc.
Lifetime Captures Photography
Lightside Photography
Lillie Louise Photography
Lori Brown Photography
Love 2 Media
Love Frankly
Love is in the Lens Photography Inc.
LS Photography
Lucida Photography
Lumen Wedding Photography
Lung Liu Photography
Macphail Photography
Macy Yap Photography
Mathias Fast Photography
Marie Photography
Maru Photography
Matt Morgan Photography
Melanie Port Photography
Melody Hilman Photography
Michael D Photography
Michael Sean Lee Photography
Mike Wu Photography
Millington Photography
Mimsical Photography
MountainLine Media
Nadia Hung Photography
Nadine Hansen Photography
Natalie Amber Photography
Nirvana Photography Studio
Oren & Jones Photography
Paul D Clarke Photography
Photistica Photography
Pink Daisy Vancouver
Povazan Photography
Pure Souls Photography
Pure White Studio
Rachel Yoon Photography
Rebecca Ou Photography
Reichert Photography
Reportage Photography
Rhonda Dent Photography
Robyn Strong Photography
Rutko Photographers
Sachin Khona Photographer
Sakura Photography
SarahJane Photography
Sara Rogers Photography
Sarah England Photography
Shandra Stephenson Photography
Shawna Rae Wedding Photography
Shiori Harada Photography
ShoeBox Photography
Simply Us Photography
SIM Wedding
Sowedding Photo and Cinema Productions
Sparrow Photography
Stacie Carr Photography
Stefany Mailhiot Photography
Stone Photo
Sung Photography
Sweet Earth Photographics
Sweet Heirloom Photography
Tailored Fit Photography
Tamea Burd Photography
TDUB Photography
Te Amo Photography
Tegan McMartin Photography
Tell Wedding Stories
Teresa Corsie Photography
Tessa Manu Photography
Tobyn Ross Photography
Tomasz Wagner Photography & Films
Tulle & Tweed Photography
Twin Pictures
Two Peas Photography
Tyler Chandler Photography
Unforgetable Moments
Upstage Photo
Vairdy Photography
Vancity Visuals: Kathleen Hinkel Photography
Vancouver Wedding Studios
Vasia Weddings
Velour Productions
Vivid Dreams Photography
Wayne Mah Photography
Waynes World Studio
Wedded Bliss Photography
Weddings N Photos
White Album Weddings
Will Pursell Photography
Wink Photography
Winter Thirst Photography
Wonderlust Photography
Yinger Fotokrafie Design
Yvonne Campbell Photographer

Affinity Wedding Photography
Amber Hughes Photography
Beautiful Life Studios
BetterSweet Photography
Bokeh Wedding Photography
Brianne Adams Photography
Butter Studios Photography and Photobooths
Charlie's Studio
Cupid Photography
d'Soleil Photography
Dynamic Weddings
Fortune Hill Photography
Glimmer Films
Hayley Rae Photography
Isle and Oak Photography
Jarred Jardine Photography
Jelger and Tanja Photography
JI Photos
Karizma Photography
Konstantin Photography
Labastian Studios
L'Estelle Photography 
Lisa Lander Photography
Marla Jenkins Photography
Matte Box Memories
Mehdi Nowroozi Wedding Photography
Michele Mateus Photography
Mike Bradley Photography
Modern Romance Productions
Naomi Maya Photography
Paris Lenahan Photography
Pear Tree Photography
Rob Atkins Photography
Roxana Albusel Photography
Simply Rose Photography
Stephen K Lee Photography
This is it Studios
Vivid Moments Photographers
White Dahlia Studios
Will Kwan Photography
Wilson Lau Photography
Eye of the Beholder Photography
Frank Yong Photography
2 Souls Events
629 Still Motion Design
Abigail Eveline Photography
Adi Chiru Photography
Ajb Photography
Alana Couch Photography
Alex Law Photography
Alisha Khan Photography
Amie Stafford Photography
Andrea Sunderland Photography
Angela Hubbard Photography
Anna Krasnova Photography
Anthony Schwab Photography
Bake Photography
Benjamin Luk Photography
Bishop & Lind Photography
BLUSH Photography
Blush Sky Photography
Blythe Leslie Photography
Cakewalk Media Inc.
Callaghan Photography
Cameron Brown Photography
Candid Apple Photography & Design
Capture Your Now
Carol-Ann Photography
Cecilia Flaming Photography
Charlotte Gamache Photography
Charmaine Mallari Photography
Chris + Lynn Photographers
Chris Chernoff Photography
Clint Bargen Photography
Crystal Brown Photography
C. Williams Photography
Dallas Kolotylo Photography
Daniela Ciuffa Photography
Darko Sikman Photography
Dave Bryson Photography
David Buzzard Photography
David Liao Photography
Denise Lin Photography
Don Epp Photography
Dragonflight Photography
Dustin Photography & Associates
Earthling Photography
Edward Lai Photography
Elisha Isabelle Photography
ElsaFan Photography
Emily Nicole Photos
Evelyn Ford Photography
Flip Vision Productions
Fotojo Studios
Fortune Hill Photography
Fran Chelico Photography
France Edward Photography
Glenn Newby Photography
Green Pomme Photography
Gurm Sohal Photography
Happily Ever After Images
Heaton Photography
Hong Photography Studio
Hyperfocus Photography
Ingavedyan Photography
Inspirited & Unconventional Wedding Photography
Isaac Sim Photography
J+C Photography
Jacob Cote Photography
Jade Studios
JanetR Photography
Janos Molnar Photography
Jasalyn Thorne Photographers
Jason Enstedt Photography
Jayme Anne Photography
Jeff Andrews Photography
Jennifer Kirk Photography
Jennifer Picard Photography

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