First of all, thanks so much for taking time out to read this information kit about the I Do Planner.  Let us tell you a bit about ourselves.  We are an offspring of The Soirée Company.  After planning events for more than a decade, we decided that we need to create a truly local magazine from a planner's perspective. One that not only provides amazing content for the readers but one that also focuses on providing consistent support to the advertisers - YOU! 

Our main objective for the I Do Planner are: 

  1. to help couples plan their wedding with the least amount of stress as possible,

  2. to help couples navigate the world of planning and the industry seamlessly,

  3. to help our supporters (you, the advertisers) reach more couples

  4. to help our supporters network more

  5. to help our supporters learn the art of doing business so that this doesn't just remain a hobby for you!

  6. and for these couples to not be so lost when they come see you for consults

At the end of the day, we want to make wedding planning fun and help you grow your business.

We look forward to spotlighting you in our next edition and welcome any questions you may have. Please email us at idoplanner@thesoireecompany.com


Swank Wedding Magazine

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content with purpose

Unlike traditional magazines, we want to make sure that our content is worthy enough to be kept on hand by the couples using our planner. Therefore, we offer to-do lists, questions to ask vendors and articles by experts like yourself in the industry.

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expert articles

These Expert Articles allow you to add "Published" to your badges of honour and make you an industry leader.

You get to write an article related to the services you provide AND pair it with an ad. This Advertorial provides additional value to your marketing efforts.

Limited to one vendor per category.

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Unlike traditional magazines, our wedding planner showcases the best of the industry. People we believe in, trust and adore. Therefore, we have a cap on the number of advertisements we intake per issue, as follows:

Expert Article + Full Page Ad: 1 per category
Full Page Ads: 1 per category
Half Page Ads: 1 per category
Directory Listing: 4 per category
Online Listings: 10 per category
(included with all print ads)

Ready to join the gem list? Get in touch with us by filling out the form below! 

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